Off-Leash Dog Parks in Sparwood!

District of Sparwood Staff are exploring the option of creating one or more off-leash dog parks in Sparwood to provide an area for dog owners to let their dogs off-leash.

A survey was open from July to mid-September to get input about dog parks. We had 126 responses to the survey and a summary of the results is available here.

Volunteers needed for the Dog Park Working Group!

UPDATE: The call for volunteers is closed. An update will be provided shortly.

The District of Sparwood is looking for volunteers to participate in a “Working Group” to assist Staff and Council with the planning and operation of one or more off-leash dog parks in Sparwood. Survey results and best practices information is available at The results from our recent survey revealed an interest and willingness of residents to be part of the dog park project and to participate in a volunteer committee/ambassador group.

We’re looking for five (5) to seven (7) volunteers to meet monthly to collaborate and provide guidance to the District.

The following resources are available for review:

If you are unable to participate on the Working Group but you still want to share your ideas and contribute to this effort, please forward your comments to the address(s) listed below.

Interested volunteers are asked to send an email or letter outlining (1) why you are interested in being a part of this group, and (2) what insights you can bring. Submissions will be received until 4 p.m. on Friday, November 10, 2017.

Why do we need off-leash dog park(s)?
Off-leash dog parks would provide dog owners with specific areas to let their dogs go off-leash safely and socially. This will benefit not only dog owners, who currently have no permitted area to let their dogs off-leash, but also the wider public, as the bylaw requiring dogs to be leashed is not always followed. Having a specific area for off-leash dogs would guide dog owners to this space, rather than utilize areas of Sparwood which are not permitted to have dogs off-leash.

Where will the off-leash dog park(s) go?
The location of the dog park(s) will be determined over the next year. The first step is determining what concerns residents may have about any future dog park(s), what location preferences residents have, and what types of features dog park users are looking for.

What are the current rules for off-leash dogs in the District of Sparwood?
No animals, including cats and dogs, may run at large in the District of Sparwood. If your pet is off your property, it must be on a leash and led by a competent person. Failure to comply may result in a fine of $100