Remember Sparwood is surrounded by wilderness and an incredible array of wildlife. No garbage out before 5:00 a.m. on your collection day please!

Curbside Pick-Up

The District of Sparwood provides curbside garbage pick-up for properties residing within the regular service area, as defined under section 4 of the Utility and Solid Waste Management Bylaw.  Please note that there will be no garbage pickup on Statutory Holidays. 

See our Residential Garbage Pick Up Schedule to find your collection day or use the map below.  You can zoom in to your house or use the search feature to find your area and then click to see your pickup day. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I have extra garbage that I need to throw out?

    The District collects extra containers (bags are not permitted) of garbage as long as you put a trash tag on it or you can drop it off at the Transfer Station free of charge.  Tags can be purchased at the District Office for $1.50.

  • What can I do with my old couch?

    If your couch is still in reasonable condition, you can drop it off at the Reuse Centre located at the Transfer Station.  The District conducts an annual Spring Cleanup and will pick up a single truck load of household items including furniture, white goods, metal and wood for a nominal fee of $20.00 (free to seniors aged 65 and over), per household. White goods include appliances, household metal items such as hot water tanks, swing sets, barbecues, metal sheds, bicycles, etc.  For more information on Spring Cleanup, please contact the Planning Department at 250.425.6271

  • My pick-up falls on a holiday, when will my garbage be picked up?

    If your usual pick-up is on Monday, it shall be picked up on Tuesday, all other days will be picked up the day before.  

  • How many waste containers can I put out?

    Residential properties can put out a maximum of 2 waste containers for pick-up.

  • What size of container can I use for my garbage?

    Garbage containers must not weigh more than 22.5 kg (or 50 lbs) or be larger 70 litres.

  • How often is my residential waste collected?

    Garbage is collected on a weekly basis.  Check the Residential Garbage Pick Up Schedule to find your collection day.

  • Where and when do I place my containers on pick-up day?

    All garbage must be within one meter of the curbside, unless special arrangements are made.  Please ensure snowbanks and parked cars do not impede collection and have all materials out by 8:00 am (but not before 5:00 am).  All recyclables and organic yard combustibles can be deposited at either a recycling station or the yard waste compost site

Contact the Public Works Yard at 250.425.7760 or by email at to report a missed pick-up or damaged bin.