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Mayor & Council


The Corporate Strategic Plan is the road map that will guide Council and staff towards our shared vision for the future - a plan to get us from where we are today to where we want to be as a community.  The Plan outlines the vision, mission, guiding principles and broad strategic goals for the District.  It will ensure a continued focus on improving our performance and results within those six strategic goal areas, each with a set of objectives, and key initiatives that translate those goals into specific actions.

Guiding Principles
• Responsible: We are approachable, responsive and accountable.
• Professional: We are ethical, respectful, efficient and skilled.
• Progressive: We are forward looking and innovative.
• Collaborative: We work with others to achieve mutual benefit.

6 Strategic Goals
1. A strong local economy;
2. A healthy natural environment;
3. An active, involved and healthy community;
4. An effective and responsible local government;
5. An engaged community; and
6. Encourage, promote and celebrate local heritage, culture and arts