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Community Profile

We're a working town who have always been involved in the mining industry, which makes coal the core of our community.  We're more than metallurgical ore; we're a group of people who are united in interests, activities and place.

Sparwood was originally a collection of five coal mining communities but in the 1960's, the communities were consolidated into one District. It was named Sparwood in homage to the history of trees harvested in the area intended for use as masts on ships.

The original Sparwood logo had five stars, one for each of the consolidated communities. Today, the new logo has just one star that represents the community prepared to continue moving forward as one.

Proud of their past, and intent on their future.

Sparwood is situated in the Rocky Mountains of south eastern BC. Our location offers a myriad of outdoor recreational opportunities, stunning vistas, and all the fresh elements naturally afforded in a spectacular mountain setting. 

For a complete overview on our incredible Rocky Mountain mining community, download and view our Community Profile.