How do I file a complaint about a barking dog in my neighbourhood?

If the problem occurs repeatedly, consider talking to your neighbour about the problem if you are comfortable doing so. Your neighbour may simply be unaware that their dog barks when they are away from home.

If that does not work, to make a complaint about a barking dog in your neighbourhood, you need to:

  • Contact the Animal Control Officer at 250.425.7718 or or online by submitting a service request. When you call, you will be asked your name, address and phone number; the address of the dog that is disturbing you; a description of the dog; and the dates and times that the dog disturbed you with its barking.
  • Submit a complaint form noting the details about the dates and times of when the barking is taking place
After you file a complaint

The first thing that we do when we receive a complaint about a barking dog is check our records to see if a dog licence has been purchased for that address. If there is no licence on file, we will send a dog licence application form to the property owner with a letter advising the owner that a complaint has been made. We will not tell the property/pet owner your name.

The Animal Control Officer will review the details contained in your complaint form and if the officer determines that an offence has happened, a ticket may be issued.