Transportation of Coal from Elkview to Coal Mountain Operations

From Saturday March 24 to approximately Monday April 9, Teck will be transporting raw coal from Elkview Operations along Highway 3 and Corbin Road to be processed at Coal Mountain Operations processing plant. Coal is being transported to Coal Mountain in order to use the existing facilities there and optimize operations across the Elk Valley.

Highway-grade trucks will be used, running 6am-7pm, Monday to Sunday. A number of trucks will pass through the route each hour in both directions.

Coal Mountain Operations has put in place a number of controls with the goal of minimizing the impact of this activity on the local community.

  • To avoid mud being tracked onto the highway, trucks will be washed at Coal Mountain Operations and rumble strips have been installed at the exits of Elkview Operations and Coal Mountain Operations to help dislodge loose debris.
  • Each truck is covered and drivers have been instructed to ensure the cover is secure before leaving the mine property.
  • Truck drivers have been instructed to drive slowly (30 km/hr) through the community of Corbin and to not use engine brakes.
  • Trucks will not use the Corbin bypass road.

As we have previously communicated, active coal mining at Coal Mountain will cease in 2018, and the mining operations area of the site will be placed in care and maintenance and will enter a 10 year reclamation program. This processing activity will not affect that plan.

Coal Mountain has been transitioning employees to other Teck Elk Valley operations in anticipation of entering into care and maintenance. A number of employees will be retained at Coal Mountain in 2018 in order to staff continued processing plant activity.

Teck is committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on local communities and we will welcome public feedback to help us understand if our mitigation is effective. Any questions, suggestions or feedback on the transportation of coal to CMO can be provided to our Public Feedback Line at 1.855.806.6854 or