Sparwood Celebrates Dog Park Grand Opening

he District of Sparwood and the Friends of the Sparwood Dog Park Committee welcomed residents and their dogs to the official grand opening of the Sparwood Off-leash Dog Park.

The fully fenced, three-acre park features approximately 750 meters of forested trails and open grassy spaces with plenty of room for dogs and their owners to safely enjoy some off-leash exercise time.

During the event the Friends of the Sparwood Dog Park Committee thanked their sponsors and all those who helped make their vision of this park become a reality.  They noted that although the space itself is complete, the final touches are planned for the future and will include benches and a Dog Park Facebook page for pet owners to connect and communicate. “Just seeing people here in attendance and utilizing the park makes the effort worth it. We couldn’t have done it without all of the support,” said Betty Downey, a member of the Sparwood Dog Park Committee. “We welcome and encourage residents to come and enjoy this wonderful space.”

Several Sparwood Councillors were in attendance and were thrilled to see this project accomplished. Councillor Amy Cardozo spoke thanking the Committee and District staff for their dedication to this project. “Mayor, Council and the community appreciate all the time and effort that was put in to making this park become what it is today. We know what a great, well-loved asset this will be to the community and we thank everyone who contributed to its success,” she said.

The primary parking area for the park is located at 404 Lions Park Place, beside the minor ball diamonds. The park can be accessed through one of three double gates and a trail alongside the park was also constructed to ensure that those who do not want to enter the park can still enjoy the area. All park users will be expected to follow the park rules, including being in control of their dogs at all times and picking up after their pets.