Elkford and Sparwood Affordable Housing Survey 2011

Housing affordability and choice is a growing concern in our two communities.

For that reason, the Districts of Elkford and Sparwood are conducting a Housing Need and Demand Assessment to determine what particular challenges people living in the area may be experiencing related to housing affordability, accessibility, overcrowding, basic safety and choice.

To obtain relevant data necessary for the Need and Demand Assessment, we are inviting members of both communities to participate in this online survey.

We assure you that the answers you give will remain STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Nowhere in the following survey do we ask for your name or your address or your phone number. In other words, we will not ask you for any information that might compromise your privacy. So please answer the following questions as honestly as you possibly can. The more honest the information you provide, the better able we will be to narrow down and address the most important housing issues affecting our communities in the best way we can.

Please proceed to the next page to begin the survey. It should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Elkford and Sparwood Affordable Housing Survey 2011

For more information and to leave comments go to: www.elkfordsparwoodhousing.com