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2019 Tax Notices

The 2019 Tax Notices have been mailed out.  If you are a new owner and do not receive a tax notice by June 8, 2019, please come into the District Office to obtain a duplicate copy. The deadline for paying your 2019 property taxes without penalty is Thursday, July 4, 2019.

Click here for more information. 

2018 Property Taxes Due July 4

Reminder that property taxes are due by July 4. 

You can pay in person at 136 Spruce Avenue, online through your bank, or by mailing a cheque (ensure we receive the cheque before July 4 to avoid the penalty, note that post marks will not be accepted as proof of payment date). 

Make sure to claim your Home Owner Grant, even if you cannot fully pay your taxes, by July 4 as after this date a 10% penalty will be added to all unpaid taxes from the current year. 

More information is available on our website at www.sparwood.ca/taxes

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