Notice of Reduced Water Pressure at 100 Aspen Dr

The District is installing Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) in both the Aspen Drive mechanical building and the Aspen Drive hot box. Residents in the Mountainview Mobile Home Park may experience fluctuations in water pressure during the installation. The work will affect the entire park and the PRVs are being funded by the owner of the Mountainview Mobile Home Park in an effort to control water loss. The PRVs are designed to reduce water pressures in the MHP at different times of the day. This will allow for higher pressure reductions during periods of low usage, such as the middle of the night.

If you experience, pressure reductions that are too great, please report this to the MHP owner as it may be an indicator of a leak nearby.

We are carrying out this work to reduce water loss in the MHP by reducing overall water pressure however the pressure supplied will remain within the District of Sparwood standards of 40 psi or better.

Questions? Call the District of Sparwood Public Works Department at (250) 425-7760 or email for further information.