March 3, 2018 Council Facts


RCMP – Elk Valley Detachment

Staff Sgt. Jeff Harrold of the Elk Valley RCMP Detachment presented their policing priorities for 2018/19 to Council, identifying the following areas as their three top priorities for Sparwood:

1. Traffic – Focus will be on aggressive driving, impaired driving and speeding;

2. Crime reduction – Focus will be on the repeat/chronic/prolific offenders; and 

3. Youth – increased visibility in the schools through formal talks and presentations and informal interaction with students.


Off-Leash Dog Park Working Group

Council appointed Sharon Soames, Betty Downey, Lisa Day, Lynn Edwards, Jessica Laslo, and Wendy Angus to the Dog Park Working Group. The group will assist staff and Council with recommendations about the future of off-leash dog areas/parks in Sparwood. 

To learn more read the staff report.

Design Review – 1216 Ponderosa Drive

Council approved the design for a single-family dwelling at 1216 Ponderosa Drive in accordance with the Building Scheme registered on title, subject to a $5,000 landscaping deposit, prior to issuance of a building permit. The deposit will be returned to the registered property owner when the landscaping is completed.

To learn more read the staff report and application.

2018 – 2022 Capital Plan

Council approved the 2018-2022 Capital Plan to permit the District to move forward with 2018 expenditures and plan for 2019 expenditures. 

To learn more read the 5-year Capital Plan and the 2018 Operating Budget

Sparwood Health Care Centre

Council ratified their decision to provide a letter of support for Dr. Pigott to submit with her application for funding to Interior Health for an additional full-time family physician at the Sparwood Health Centre. Currently there are three FTE physicians at the facility. 

To learn more read the request and the letter of support.


Election and Assent Voting Bylaw

Election and Assent Voting Bylaw 1211, 2018 was adopted. The bylaw replaces Elections Procedures Bylaw 1004, 2008; updates references to sections of the Local Government Act; simplifies some of the wording; includes new sections related to public access to nomination and elector organization documents, authorizes the Chief Election Officer to select the time and location of all special voting opportunities; and removes redundant sections covered under the Act. 

A copy of the bylaw is available.

Automated Vote Counting System Authorization and Procedure Bylaw

Automated Vote Counting System Authorization and Procedure Bylaw 1219, 2018 was adopted. The new bylaw authorizes the use of automated vote counting machines for the 2018 general local election (October 20, 2018), includes procedures for how to vote during advance and special voting opportunities as well as general voting day, the counting of votes and recount (if required), and the ballot form as required under the Local Government Act. 

A copy of the bylaw is available.

Utility and Solid Waste Management
Bylaw Amendment

Utility and Solid Waste Management Bylaw 1014, 2009, Amendment Bylaw 1221, 2018 was given three readings. This amendment will change the maximum number of garbage cans or equivalent volume to be two garbage cans with an aggregate volume not to exceed 240 litres and effective August 1, 2018 the 22.5 kg (50 pounds) maximum weight restriction per garbage can will be eliminated.
The bylaw will be considered for adoption at a Special Meeting of Council on March 12, 2018 at 10:00 am.

To learn more read the staff report and bylaw.


Council will be considering the adoption of Utility and Solid Waste Management Bylaw 1014, 2009, Amendment Bylaw 1221, 2018 and award of the Solid Waste Collections Service contract on Monday, March 12, 2018 at 10:00 am in Council Chambers, located at 136 Spruce Avenue. 
The Agenda will be published prior to 4:00pm on Friday, March 9, 2018.

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