Columbia Basin Trust supports the ideas and efforts of the people who live in the Columbia Basin

The Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) is mandated under the Columbia Basin Trust Act to manage CBT's assets for the ongoing economic, environmental and social benefit of the region, without relieving governments of any obligations in the region. They are also mandated under the Columbia Basin Management Plan to include the people of the Basin in planning for the management of the assets and to work with others to coordinate activities related to the purpose of the Trust.

Core functions 

CBT has two core functions:

  1. Invest capital and manage the assets of the Trust.
  2. Use the income earned from the Trust’s investments to deliver benefits to the Basin.
Community Funding Programs

CBT supports communities as they work with residents to identify and achieve their collective priorities.  By helping communities and community groups develop projects, access funds and obtain resources, they enable them to take action on issues and opportunities.

CBT offers the following funding programs: