Like all members of the Community Futures network, Sparwood Futures and CFEK strive to achieve the highest professional and ethical service standards

Members core values include:

  • Honesty - We will be genuine, fair, truthful and sincere in all our dealings.
  • Respect - We will show consideration and deference for the contribution of others.
  • Trust - We will behave responsibly and honourably, we will allow ourselves to be open, approachable and create an atmosphere that encourages candor.
  • Openness - We will share information in a timely fashion, respecting the need for prudence and confidentiality.
  • Results - We will create positive community outcomes through innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, excellent client care and strong partnerships.

Quality standards for members include:  

  • Governance - Community Futures operates using a governance model based on written policies / procedures that encompass our operational needs.  These policies are regularly reviewed and renewed.
  • Professionalism - Community Futures volunteers and staff adopt the core values, strive for excellence and seek out opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Communications - Community Futures communicates both internally and externally reflecting our core values in a timely, responsive and effective manner.
  • Accountability - Community Futures are accountable to our com
Community Futures East Kootenay

Community Futures East Kootenay (CFEK) is dedicated to fostering strong, vibrant local economies. Engaging in Community Economic Development with local governments, key partners and stakeholder organizations, CFEK seeks to be a driving force for economic growth and sustainability throughout the East Kootenay. Led by a volunteer Board of Directors, CFEK’s dedicated staff supports the creation and expansion of small businesses in the area.

CFEK promotes economic development and the creation of jobs and wealth in our region by providing small-business loans for start-up, expansion or the purchase of existing businesses. In addition to financial support, CFEK offers a variety of business-related services, including knowledgeable, professional business consultation and access to training for entrepreneurs and their employees.

Sparwood Futures Society 

The Sparwood Futures Society is a Registered Society made up of a number of community based clubs, organizations and individuals

The Sparwood Futures Society is made up of:

The Society's mission is:
  • To promote the well being of the citizens of the District of Sparwood and the Elk Valley area;
  • To engage in projects for the advancement of citizens of the District of Sparwood and the Elk Valley area;
  • To promote the economic, cultural, social and recreational well being of the citizens of the District of Sparwood and the Elk Valley Area; and
  • To acquire, hold, lease, manage, rent or sell real estate and property for the purposes of promoting, establishing and maintaining of facilities for the enhancement of the well being of the citizens of the District of Sparwood and the Elk Valley Area.