To report bylaw contraventions that have occurred in Sparwood, such as barking dogs, noise, an unsightly property or a parking violation, you can submit them electronically, by phone or in person 

You must identify yourself when making the complaint as we do not accept anonymous complaints. The District keeps the identity of every complainant confidential unless:

  • the complainant has agreed to be identified; or
  • the matter has resulted in tickets being issued to the offender, and the complainant is required to provide a statement or evidence to a justice of the peace; or
  • the matter has resulted in prosecution, and the complainant is required to testify in court. If the matter were to go to court or result in tickets, we would contact you and ask if you are prepared to testify in court, or have your evidence used at adjudication. Should you decide that you did not want your information disclosed, you will remain completely anonymous, but in so doing, you withdraw your complaint.

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You can register a complaint online, by phone, email or in person.

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