If you feel there is a good reason why you should not have received a ticket or bylaw notice, you can dispute it (ask to have it dismissed)

Once you pay your parking ticket, you can no longer dispute it.

All disputes must be in writing and must be received within 14 days of the issuance of the ticket. Complete the MTI Ticket Dispute form and submit it:

  • By email: bleo@sparwood.ca
  • By fax: 250.425.7277
  • By mail: District Office, Box 520, Sparwood BC, V0B 2G0
  • In person: 136 Spruce Avenue, Sparwood BC

Once received, the form is reviewed by the Corporate Officer. This process may take up to 30 days. The ticket may be cancelled at that time due to a technical error or extraordinary circumstances. If the ticket is not cancelled, the disputant has the option of paying the ticket in full or attending Court.