The District of Sparwood recognizes the value of festivals and events in our community

Festivals and events contribute to quality of life, encourage local economic development and help shape our community identity.

If you're organizing a festival or event on District property, we're here to help. Staff can answer your questions about liquor licenses, food vendors, lighting, fireworks, permits, security, power, stages, bleachers and more.

Will you need a business licence?

If your special event is a commercial event where you will be retaining all profits, such as a trade show, carnival, circus, or other seasonal business, you will be required to obtain an itinerant or transient sales business licence.  You can obtain a business licence for one day, one month, three months, six months or one year for your itinerant or transient sales business.  Licence fees are listed in the Business Licence Bylaw.

If you are a society or non-profit business hosting a special event that is open to the public and benefits the community, you do not need to obtain a business licence.

Details to consider when planning a special event

Having a checklist of tasks and activities that need to be completed to make the event happen is essential.  We recommend that you develop a checklist applicable for your own event. When using District of Sparwood facilities and parks, some of the requirements that you may need to discuss with us are:

  • Use of City Parks/ Event site:
    • Will the park be closed to the general public?
    • Will extra washroom maintenance or facilities be required?
    • Will keys be required to access park gates and other facilities?
    • Will extra garbage cans be required?
    • Will electrical services be required?
    • Do you need additional bleachers?
    • Will there be overnight structures or displays that require sprinklers being turned off during your event?
    • Will you be providing a clean up crew for post event clean up?
    • Will there be tents on site?
    • Will fencing be required?
    • Will vehicles need access for set up or display purposes?
  • Activities at your event:
    • Will there be animals on site?
    • Music/entertainment?
    • Retail sales?
    • Display booths?
  • Alcohol Served at your event:
    • Do you plan to serve alcohol?
    • What are the hours of operation for this service?
    • Beer, wine, other?
    • Will the alcohol be sold or will it be complementary?
  • Security/ Fire/ Ambulance:
    • Will there be security personnel on site?
    • Is overnight security personnel needed?
    • First Aid on site?
    • BC Ambulance or St. John’s Ambulance on site?
    • Volunteer first aid attendants?
    • Will there be a staffed medical centre?
  • Food Services:
    • Will food service be on site?
    • Will vendors be selling food on site?
    • Will good be provided at no charge to participants?
  • Parking:
    • Will parking lot closures be required?
    • Will overnight parking be required?
    • Will keys be required for gate closures?
  • Insurance/ permits:
    • Will it be required that you insure your event?
    • What type of insurance will be required?
    • Will vendors/ others need to be insured?
    • What permits will you need for the event (road closures, beer gardens…)?

Contract the Leisure Centre at 250.425.0552 for more details.