Permits you might need for doing business

Along with a business licence, you might need additional permits for the type of business you want to conduct in Sparwood.

Various types of businesses and the location where business is conducted are factors in what kinds of permits you might need.
  • Building Permit

    Building permits are required before beginning any type of construction as defined in the Building Bylaw:

    • The construction, repairing, or altering of a building or structure;
    • The construction, repairing, or altering of a plumbing system,
    • An accessory structure if larger than 10 m2;
    • The completion of a previously unfinished area in existing buildings (e.g. basement, rec room, etc.);
    • Enclosing above or below a sundeck;
    • ​A retaining wall 1.2 m or higher;
    • A fireplace, chimney, or solid fuel appliance;
    • A change in occupancy;
    • A moving permit before moving a building or structure;
    • A demolition permit before demolishing a building or structure;
    • An excavation permit before excavating to construct a building or structure; 
    • A plumbing permit prior to installation of any plumbing; or
    • The installation of sewage disposal systems, sanitary, storm sewers and drainage.

    If you are unsure about whether a building permit is required, please check with the Planning Department at 250.425.6271.

  • Fire Pit/Outdoor Fireplace Permit or a Free Burning Permit

    If your business will be using an outdoor fire pit, fireplace, or free burning, you will be required to obtain a permit before doing so in accordance with the Fire Services Bylaw.

  • Sign Permit

    The District’s Sign Bylaw regulates all outdoor signs and advertising space. The bylaw ensures that signs are not a safety hazard and assists in maintaining a clean and positive image for Sparwood.

  • Off Premise Letter of Understanding

    Businesses wishing to carry on retail sales or provide outdoor seating areas on a municipal sidewalk or boulevard must obtain a Letter of Agreement from the District of Sparwood prior to utilizing public lands for their business.

    The following conditions must be met prior to a Letter of Agreement being issued:

    1. Sales or services can only be carried on in an area that is immediately adjacent to the business and not more than five feet from the property lot line;
    2. Provide evidence of a minimum of $2 million dollar liability insurance naming the District of Sparwood as a co-insured party;
    3. Areas must be kept clean with a minimum of five feet from any curb of a road to such area kept clear for pedestrians;
    4. If food products are being consumed, the requirements of the Medical Health Officer are complied with;
    5. Displaying products after dark must provide electric lighting, which does not produce glare to motorists;
    6. Does not create or cause a fire hazard, electrical interference or traffic congestion on any adjacent road;
    7. No noise or sound-making equipment may be used so as to create a nuisance;
    8. No structures other than tables used for the display of merchandise or for eating purposes.