The District of Sparwood's Official Community Plan (OCP) serves as the framework for all policies, regulations and decisions pertaining to land use and development in Sparwood

An OCP is a provincially-mandated regulatory document and set of high level plans and policies. Municipalities in British Columbia are given the authority to adopt an OCP under the Local Government Act.

The District’s Official Community Plan contains detailed policies regarding land use, development, servicing and protection of the natural environment. It reflects our community values and provides direction for meeting Sparwood's anticipated needs, while supporting the community vision – to be a caring, neighbourly and sustainable community with pride in our natural environment.

From time to time, Council will consider amendments to the OCP Bylaw which may result in changes to the OCP. Users of this document will need to assume responsibility for making the necessary inquiries regarding these changes. Further information can be obtained from the District of Sparwood Planning Department at 250.425.6271.