If you want to have a business in Sparwood that sells or serves alcoholic drinks, you must have a liquor licence

There are many steps to starting a restaurant in British Columbia, and to assist you, the Province has developed a Restaurant Start-up Quick Reference Guide to help you decide when to consider each stage of the process. Prepared in partnership with the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association the online resource offers a step-by-step checklist and quick reference guide including an overview of requirements and timelines so people can track their progress from the start of the process.

Starting a Restaurant in BC is a dedicated area designed to help entrepreneurs to help them navigate the process and requirements in relation to opening and managing a restaurant in BC.

Liquor Control and Licensing Branch

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) issues licences in British Columbia for making and selling liquor and supervises the service of liquor in licensed establishments. The branch alone is responsible for deciding if you will receive a licence.

The District of Sparwood

The District of Sparwood also plays a significant role. The LCLB is required to consider specific community needs in deciding whether to issue or change a liquor licence. For some applications, such as new liquor primary establishments, this includes asking the District to provide a resolution that considers the following:

  • Establishment's location
  • Person-capacity of the proposed establishment
  • Operating hours requested
  • Views of local residents and businesses
  • Proximity to other social or recreational facilities
  • Number of other licensed establishments in the area
  • Potential traffic, noise, and parking problems
  • Population density and trends
  • Impact on the community if the application is approved

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