Our vision is to be a progressive, welcoming and livable community that takes pride in its natural resources and environment

The Official Community Plan (OCP), Community Sustainability Plan, and the Corporate Strategic Plan are the primary documents for guiding the future of the community and the organization.  When Council adopted the OCP, it was their vision that, in 2035, Sparwood will be a caring, neighbourly and sustainable community with pride in our natural environment. A unique and vibrant downtown will be the social, cultural and economic heart of our community, with opportunities to live, work, learn, shop, and play in close proximity. A diverse economy will provide a range of jobs and services to supplement the mining industry, which will continue to be our economic lifeblood. A diversity of housing options will allow residents with a range of ages, income levels and lifestyles to live comfortably in Sparwood through all stages of their lives. A world-class multi-purpose network of trails, parks, and recreational areas will support an active, healthy, and highly livable community.