Discounts are available for all residential and commercial accounts.

The Finance Department controls and supervises the District's financial affairs. This includes the billing and collection of taxes and utility charges, as well as all other monies paid to the municipality. and the implementation and maintenance of the appropriate financial systems and safeguards to manage expenditures, payroll and benefit administration.

Section 6 (a) and (b) of the Utility and Solid Waste Management Bylaw 1014, 2009 enables the District of Sparwood to apply a discount for property owners on water, sewer and garbage rates when making a payment in January or before the end of each quarter. 

2021 Utilities

Pay Early and Save! Discounts are available for all residential and commercial accounts.

Discounts apply only if prior year (2020) utilities have been paid in full. Payment will be applied first to any outstanding prior year utilities transferred to tax accounts.

Please be sure to allow sufficient time (a minimum of three business days) for your payment to be processed so that the District receives your payment by the due date. Please contact your financial institution for more information.

Option 1: 10% Discount - Pay by January 31, 2021

Total 2021 Rate

Paid before
Jan. 31/2021


Single Family Residential




Row Houses with curbside garbage collection




Apartment / Strata Condo




Residences receiving Water & Garbage Only




Residences receiving Garbage only




Option 2:  5% Discount - Pay Utilities Quarterly

If you pay your quarterly utility bill on or before the 15th of the month that the quarterly invoice is due, you will receive 5% discount for that quarter. Each quarter’s utilities must be paid by March 15 (1st quarter), June 15 (2nd quarter), September 15
(3rd quarter) and December 15 (4th quarter) to be eligible for the 5% discount each quarter.

Commercial and Multi-Family Garbage Bin Pick-Up

On December 11, 2017, Council resolved that all commercial and multi-family users will be required to contract their garbage collection directly with the service provider of their choice. As of April 1, 2018, the District of Sparwood will only be collecting residential curbside garbage.

The 5% and 10% utility rate discounts identified above for residential users also apply for commercial users if paid before January 31, 2020 or the 15th of the month in which the quarterly invoice is due.

Please contact the Finance Department at 250.425.6271 if you have any questions on these rates and/or discount.

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