In 2010, Council adopted the Water Smart Action Plan. As a signatory to the Columbia Basin Water Smart Charter, the District of Sparwood has set a target to reduce 2009 gross community water demands by up to 50% by 2015

This target will contribute to Columbia Basin Trust’s cumulative reduction target for all participating Water Smart communities of 20% by 2015. Sparwood’s 2009 baseline gross consumption was 1350 ML. Therefore, a 50% reduction from this baseline will be equal to a savings of as much as 675 ML, or 675,000,000 litres per year. 

Water Smart Action Plan Objectives

In order to achieve this reduction target, the District of Sparwood will focus their water conservation efforts on the objectives outlined below. It is important to note that these objectives have been developed based on the best available data provided by the community. As the data changes or is refined through enhanced monitoring and analysis or the implementation of improved data gathering technologies, the Action Plan objectives
may also need to be changed or refined accordingly.

Objective 1 – Begin in-depth analysis and public communication of water meter data as soon as possible. Specific actions include strategies for data gathering resulting from implementation of the 2010 residential metering program; mock billing; and refinement of 2009 baseline water consumption data.

Objective 2 – Implement proven strategies for reducing residential and park/public water demands. Specific actions include face to face strategies to support residents to reduce peak outdoor water consumption; recommendations regarding improvements to municipal irrigation practices; and a review of municipal water restrictions.

Objective 3 – Continue leak detection and repair program, in conjunction with ongoing infrastructure assessment renewal. Specific recommendations include acoustic leak detection; ongoing system repair; and public communications about system status and repairs. 

Objective 4 – Undertake water rate structure review. Recommendations are made to review and revise both water utility rates so as to ensure both long term revenue sufficiency and optimal and equitable incentive for water conservation.

Ambassador Program

As a part of the Water Smart Initiative, Columbia Basin Trust has developed the Water Smart Ambassador Program for implantation by participating local governments throughout the Basin. This program will support individuals to make the link between information and action by providing residential landscape and irrigation system assessments. It is anticipated that water conservation will likely be an ongoing area of action for each community in future years.

Community water consumption is increasingly being identified as a critical issue for Basin communities and in order to deal with this issue, water conservation measures are needed. Council is aware that the average per capita daily water demand in Sparwood of 1,100 litres is significantly higher than the national and provincial averages of 329 and 426 litres per capita per day, respectively. 

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