Water Supply

The District of Sparwood boasts award winning drinking water and is non-chlorinated as well as non-fluoridated.  Sparwood is serviced by 3 wells, all more than 15 m (50 ft) deep – 2 at Mackenzie Springs and 1 at Cummings Creek – that pump on average 3,350 m3/day.  Yearly reports showing the amount of water pumped daily, as well as maintenance can be found below.

Water is pumped through distribution lines to two storage reservoirs, with a 2,270 m3 capacity in Sparwood Proper, and 1,820 m3 capacity in Sparwood Heights.  The water system has 2 pressure zones; Sparwood Proper and Sparwood Heights.

Bacteriological testing of all 3 sources and one quadrant of Sparwood are conducted weekly and reported monthly to the Interior Health Authority. 

Additional testing is conducted for Selenium on a monthly basis. Well #3 is taken offline, in consultation with Interior Health, if the selenium results exceed the BC Drinking Water Guidelines and returned to service when testing is within the guidelines. BC Drinking Water Guidelines are more stringent than the Canadian Drinking Water Guideline established by Health Canada.

Full chemical analysis is completed every few years. The chemical analysis results, with comparisons to the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines, are available to view and download.

Water Usage

Sparwood is 100% metered on a volunteer basis.  New meters are supplied by the District of Sparwood and installed by the owner.  The District reads the meters in town once a month.

All residents and businesses can check their water meter usage for each month online.  To view your water usage, visit http://sparwood.ca/water-metering