Wetlands are highly productive ecosystems that provide a home for a wide variety of species and perform vital functions in our community from improved water quality to flood protection. Sparwood has several wetlands that we aim to protect, restore, and enhance.

If you want to learn more about wetlands, check out Environment and Climate Change Canada. The BC Wetland Keepers association run courses to education people about local wetlands. Visit their website at https://bcwf.bc.ca/wetlands-program/ to see course schedules.

Beaver Pond Wetland Restoration

Over the next two years the Elk River Alliance, with help from volunteers, is administering a program to restore the health of this wetland. Reed canary grass is an invasive plant that was filling in the water zone and choking out native plants along the shore. Over a dozen volunteers from the area recently helped to remove reed canary grass from two parts of the wetland, under the guidance of the Elk River Alliance and a professional biologist. Watch this wetland recover to a healthy state. Please stay off the tarped area to allow it to effectively kill the invasive weed. Volunteers are still needed to assist with this ongoing project!