The District of Sparwood is committed to thorough and effective waste collection and encourages residents to make waste reduction and diversion a priority

All residential waste placed at the curb for collection must be placed in garbage cans with tight fitting lids or in commercial containers in high density residential zones.

The maximum weight of any waste container is 22.5 kg (50 lbs) under the Utility and Solid Waste Management Bylaw 1014.  Residents may place out for pick up a maximum of 2 containers with a maximum aggregate volume of 140 litres.

    • Garbage must be placed in garbage cans with tight fitting lids.
    • Place bags holding garbage inside garbage cans.
    • Your garbage container must not weigh more than 22.5 kg (or 50 lbs).
    • A maximum of 2 containers will be picked up at a residential property as long as the total volume is less than 140 litres.
    • Tags can be purchased at $1.50 for additional residential waste containers.
    • If it’s not garbage, don’t put it in the garbage.
    • Cardboard boxes are not an acceptable container for garbage.
    • Do not deposit residential waste into commercial or industrial dumpsters.
    • Ensure your commercial recycle or waste container is secured to prevent wildlife access.
    • In the winter, clear a spot for your garbage container(s) that is free of snow and easy for collectors to see. Do not place any of your containers on top of or behind snowbanks.  Collectors are not responsible for containers which collapse or break during removal due to freezing conditions or over compaction
    • Know what items should go into a recycle bin and recycle all possible items.
    • Buy only what you need, use all that you buy.
    • Instead of buying commercial household cleaners, use less toxic alternatives.
    • Buy in bulk and try to eliminate excess packaging.
    • Take re-usable bins or canvas bags to the grocery store.
    • Do not use plastic bags.
    • Rent things you don't use often or borrow them from a friend.
    • Donate old furniture to a second hand store or drop it off at the Reuse Centre located at the Transfer Station.
    • Use a backyard composter.
    • Use reusable gift bags.
    • Take a travel mug with you to the coffee shop.
    • Take a ‘litterless’ lunch to school or work; use reusable containers instead of plastic bags for your lunch.
    • A reusable coffee filter can replace many paper filters.
    • Use cloth rags and mops rather than one-time-use disposal products.
    • Donate magazines to senior's residences or doctor's offices.
    • Choose quality products that are durable.
  • Dumping of garbage on District streets, boulevards and private property is not only illegal, it is directly related to public safety as it will attract dangerour wildlife into the community.

    Anyone found dumping garbage on District or private property will be fined or prosecuted. Please report illegal dumping to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 250.425.6820, by email at or online.

  • The following table reflects all charges applicable when a stray animal has been picked up and impounded:

    Infraction Standard Fees Reduced Fees*
    Dumping residential garbage into a commercial or industrial dumpster $100 $50
    Accumulated waste $100 $50
    Unsecured commercial container  $100 $50
    Placing prohibited materials in garbage for collection or in recycle bins $100 $50
    Placing garbage out before 5am on day of pick up $100 $50
    Use of improper container for combustible materials or matter that is subject to putrefaction $250 $125
    Unlawful waste disposal $250


    Note* Fines are reduced by 50% if paid within 30 days of issuance of a municipal ticket.

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