Thriving Rocky Mountain community seeks innovative and entrepreneurial business partners looking to locate their business in one of Canada's finest settings

The District of Sparwood continues to seek new and diverse businesses that want to be part of an authentic hard-working community in a spectacular setting.

Council has identified the need to develop an Economic Development Strategy in their Corporate Strategic Plan to assist them in meeting their objective to encourage economic diversification and create a supportive climate for businesses.  This strategy which has been identified as a high priority is scheduled for completion in 2017. In developing a strategy, we will need to consider municipal assets, the business community, sector strengths, and regional challenges and opportunities so that we may build on our Official Community Plan. It should be based on the community’s vision, needs and priorities, and focus on strengthening existing businesses, workforces’ education and training, infrastructure development and diversification of economy, such as small business development.

Have a creative idea? Looking for a great community that supports business? Seeking a business location like no other?

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